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I made a blog

2009-07-13 22:56:08 by Manic-Man

The title is pretty self explanatory. I made a blog thing. Read it. Follow it. Enjoy it.

My Mind Spot-Manic's Blog (known as GoodbyeTomorrow)

Big ups, playas.


That damn virus we call NG!

2009-07-12 22:36:08 by Manic-Man

I don't know what it is but Newgrounds is damn infecting.

Yes, that does not make much sense. But I couldn't think of any other word than that. I had to choose a word that could describe something that is addicting but not in a good way. Perhaps I could have just said "newgrounds is addicting but not in a good way". Too much of a mouthful.

Anyways, I constantly find myself coming back to Newgrounds time and time again despite the fact that I contribute nothing (save for one audio submission I have WHICH you should check out in the Audio Portal) and I hardly contribute to the forums. I rarely vote on submission or write reviews. Which leaves me wondering why I feel the desire to keep returning.

Maybe it's because once someone signs up for Newgrounds, they are infected with a disease that will never ever leave their mind (just like any /b/tard). But I doubt that.

Perhaps it's because I like to feel like my opinion on the few reviews and forum posts I do are actually taken as genuine conversation with other NG users. No, that's impossible.

I think that it might be sheer boredom. What else would I do on the internet if I didn't go on NG.

Porn. The one word that solves every problem.

But more seriously, I think it comes down to me just being somewhat bored with the internet right now, which sounds impossible. Who could get bored of the internet?

Oh well. I'll just continue posting pointless blog posts and forum posts that not a single NG user cares about. Because you know that the most important thing on NG is being the first person in a thread to say "FIRST!"

God, I hate Newgrounds.

Back To NG

2009-03-07 09:10:41 by Manic-Man

So after a long time, I've decided to start cruising the NG forums again as well as begin voting on animations and whatnot.

I don't really remember why I stopped using NG (oh wait its something called the BBS) but I think it's high time I make my return.

I'm making it seem as if I'm a real popular person on NG. I'm not. But it just makes me feel awesome to hype up my return.

Like I said, I don't really know why I stopped using NG. I guess school work and spending time with my girlfriend just sort of took over. It was probably for the better.

But I'm back now! At least for a bit...


I just started my 5th week of college.

This may not sound impressive but I'm one of the few people in my family to actually go to college. Not to put them down or anything but they just didn't end up going. Also, i have a bit of a scholarship so thats pretty cool.

As I was saying, it's my 5th week. It's also kinda monumental because i live about 2 hours away from home and parents and its not like i can just go and chill there whenever I want.

Doing all your own chores sucks of course. Buying your own food does too.

But it's not that bad.

I met a bunch of new people who I've become friends with and I'm learning about something that I wanna do for the rest of my life. So when it boils down to the bones, it's not bad at all.

Anyways, 4 1/2 weeks down, only 9 1/2 till christmas break, then only another 10 or so till summer break!

So I saw Step Brothers today. I know it's kinda late but I just saw it today

Of course, it has Will Ferrel and John C. Reily in it and I have to say that they make a good team. They made a pretty good team in Taledaga Nights so it seemed a given that they would be good together in another film.

Like most movies, however, this one had it's slow spots. There were times when a joke was made and I was the only one in the theatre laughing, but that's besides the point.

Most of the jokes were funny. They were Ferrel jokes.

The acting was that of your average comedy movie. It was typical Ferrel acting, but I'm not complaining.

I'd give it a 5/5. It was a Will Ferrel movie and I love Will Ferrel.

Step Brothers: if you haven't seen it, stop reading and go.

Is the BBS corrupt?

2008-07-10 19:34:26 by Manic-Man

Through a discussion with a fellow NGer, we came to the conclusion that the BBS is potentially corrupt.

I don't mean corrupt in the sense that the mods are terribly unfair or anything like that. The mods seem to be alright though.

What I mean by corrupt is that the true meaning of the BBS has been lost. It no longer seems to be about making some sort of contribution to NG. It's no longer about offering tips or advice to others on the BBS. Now, it's more about being the first post in a new thread or being "in before <some sort of comment>".

This may not sound like anything that should be paid any attention to. After all, it's just Manic-Man.

I must say, I'm not a very active member. I've never posted any flash or audio, I don't have that many BBS posts. But this is just an opinion and will still be despite the lack of popularity.

Final thoughts: the BBS is corrupt. Lets start caring what other people say.

Another pointless blog by a noob of an NGer,


Mah Forumz

2008-06-29 20:21:29 by Manic-Man

So another NGer and myself made this forum on one of those free forum making websites. Its kinda like the NG forum, so joining it won't really mean much. But if you just want a change of pace, come check it out. GrandTheftForum

Could be good. Look out for Vendetta!



2008-06-16 18:09:10 by Manic-Man

I gotta say, I'm stunned.

Today was my last official day of high school. Disturbing, eh? I'll be out with all you real people in the real world!

Can't say I'm not happy though, being done high school. It means better things to come and I can only go up from here, I guess.

Next mission: college.

It took four years, but God damn we did it!

Blame Shakespeare

2008-06-04 16:53:56 by Manic-Man

So check this:

I was thinking the other night about something. My english class recently finished reading the Shakespeare play King Lear. This got me thinking, risky as it may be, about an issue which is quite relevant.

Parents and authority figures seem to like to use the media as a scapegoat when talking about problems with todays youth. They said that one of the reasons the Columbine kids did what they did was because they were Marilyn Manson fans. They blame gang violence on the rap scene. Of course, they only do this because they need to direct the fault somewhere else other than themselves.

I'm not saying that they're entirely wrong about this, however. Music and modern media does influence people, but not in the way that people seem to be accusing it of.

So, this made me think about something. We study Shakespeare in school. We read other works of fiction (similar to the fictional song lyrics, in most cases). What I don't get is that these works are also loaded with violence.

Anyone who's ever seen or read a play by Shakespeare will note that there is lots of violence. On top of that, there's so many sexual jokes, violent insults, and the like. I'm not saying that Shakespearean plays suck; in fact, I like them. However, I'd like to know why we don't blame the violence among youth on Shakespeare and the other authors of fictional works that are studied in school.

This material is more accesible by students than some forms of media too. And students are forced (more or less) to study it. Whereas they can choose what type of music they want to listen to or what type of movie they want to watch.

So, the question remains: why point the blame to the modern media when there's been a source thats been around a hell of a lot longer?

I know, I know, I can already hear the responses I'll be getting about this (the few I do get). It makes me wonder whether or not I should bother posting.

Then I realize I do it simply because I can! :)

Blame Shakespeare

Tell me something...

2008-05-26 23:21:08 by Manic-Man

Im was just playing some Guitar Hero 2 and doing my usual routine of thinking when a conversation from many months ago popped into my head. It centered around a friend of mine who was currently doing a co-op class at the local hospital. This automatically made him feel superior to everyone else and lets just say, in my opinion, I'M not on the best of terms with him anymore. Needless to say, he still believes us to be best of friends.

But more to the point:

He was looking kinda rough as if something terrible had happened at the hospital during his co-op period (which it probably most certainly happened). Another benedict arno....I mean friend, was sitting with us and she took the initiative to ask him what was wrong and she genuinly seem to care.

In retrospect, I think "maybe I should have asked him that" or at least made some effort to deciphyr his feelings. But I also find myself thinking, why should I?

If I wanted to know, wouldn't I asked? Knowing what sort of stuff happens in the hospitals, why would I want to bring myself down just to hear anothers sorrows?

Theres another side of the coin however. Does not wanting to hear what his problems are make me a bad person? Does it make me a bad person because I don't want to help bear a burden which is by no rights mine to bear? Should I take on a problem that I don't want just to appease someone else, or to fit into a certain "norm"?

In my opinion, I did the right thing in not asking. I knew something was wrong. I also knew that I had my own problems to deal with at the time. But then I get thinking (I know, it's risky stuff, but what can I say, I live dangerously) and I think that haven't people such as parents and teachers been drilling into us that we should help each other out when needed? And if this has been the ultimate goal, does that mean they've failed on me?

I think that they've succeeded. They've given me the ability to formulate my own opinions and the ability to make decisions the way I want to.

But, perhaps that's enough for tonight.

Damn, I'm an intellectual fo' sho'!