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2008-05-26 23:21:08 by Manic-Man

Im was just playing some Guitar Hero 2 and doing my usual routine of thinking when a conversation from many months ago popped into my head. It centered around a friend of mine who was currently doing a co-op class at the local hospital. This automatically made him feel superior to everyone else and lets just say, in my opinion, I'M not on the best of terms with him anymore. Needless to say, he still believes us to be best of friends.

But more to the point:

He was looking kinda rough as if something terrible had happened at the hospital during his co-op period (which it probably most certainly happened). Another benedict arno....I mean friend, was sitting with us and she took the initiative to ask him what was wrong and she genuinly seem to care.

In retrospect, I think "maybe I should have asked him that" or at least made some effort to deciphyr his feelings. But I also find myself thinking, why should I?

If I wanted to know, wouldn't I asked? Knowing what sort of stuff happens in the hospitals, why would I want to bring myself down just to hear anothers sorrows?

Theres another side of the coin however. Does not wanting to hear what his problems are make me a bad person? Does it make me a bad person because I don't want to help bear a burden which is by no rights mine to bear? Should I take on a problem that I don't want just to appease someone else, or to fit into a certain "norm"?

In my opinion, I did the right thing in not asking. I knew something was wrong. I also knew that I had my own problems to deal with at the time. But then I get thinking (I know, it's risky stuff, but what can I say, I live dangerously) and I think that haven't people such as parents and teachers been drilling into us that we should help each other out when needed? And if this has been the ultimate goal, does that mean they've failed on me?

I think that they've succeeded. They've given me the ability to formulate my own opinions and the ability to make decisions the way I want to.

But, perhaps that's enough for tonight.

Damn, I'm an intellectual fo' sho'!


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2008-05-26 23:25:09

I would have asked.

Manic-Man responds:

fair enough.