Is the BBS corrupt?

2008-07-10 19:34:26 by Manic-Man

Through a discussion with a fellow NGer, we came to the conclusion that the BBS is potentially corrupt.

I don't mean corrupt in the sense that the mods are terribly unfair or anything like that. The mods seem to be alright though.

What I mean by corrupt is that the true meaning of the BBS has been lost. It no longer seems to be about making some sort of contribution to NG. It's no longer about offering tips or advice to others on the BBS. Now, it's more about being the first post in a new thread or being "in before <some sort of comment>".

This may not sound like anything that should be paid any attention to. After all, it's just Manic-Man.

I must say, I'm not a very active member. I've never posted any flash or audio, I don't have that many BBS posts. But this is just an opinion and will still be despite the lack of popularity.

Final thoughts: the BBS is corrupt. Lets start caring what other people say.

Another pointless blog by a noob of an NGer,



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2008-07-12 21:54:21

Well, though it is a good point, you really aren't the first person to say this. And all in all, you might have posted this in the wrong place. Though there are several like me that would agree with you, there are much more others prepared to say you're wrong.

FiLe=CoUrRruPt//ReEbOoOt SyStEm.=FaIL

Manic-Man responds:

well theres no reall good place to post it. Post in the BBS and it gets spammed and i get flamed. It goes without saying that im not the first to say this either, im no revolutionary.


2008-07-21 14:53:22

Caring about what other people say? LMAO! I only have 3,100 posts but I know the BBS will never change, if you can't take it, go back to myspace.

Manic-Man responds:

lmao yea i guess your right...i was just wondering a little bit. I seriously don't expect change to ever happen. but oddly enough, i like the BBS as it is lol (despite the blog post i made)