That damn virus we call NG!

2009-07-12 22:36:08 by Manic-Man

I don't know what it is but Newgrounds is damn infecting.

Yes, that does not make much sense. But I couldn't think of any other word than that. I had to choose a word that could describe something that is addicting but not in a good way. Perhaps I could have just said "newgrounds is addicting but not in a good way". Too much of a mouthful.

Anyways, I constantly find myself coming back to Newgrounds time and time again despite the fact that I contribute nothing (save for one audio submission I have WHICH you should check out in the Audio Portal) and I hardly contribute to the forums. I rarely vote on submission or write reviews. Which leaves me wondering why I feel the desire to keep returning.

Maybe it's because once someone signs up for Newgrounds, they are infected with a disease that will never ever leave their mind (just like any /b/tard). But I doubt that.

Perhaps it's because I like to feel like my opinion on the few reviews and forum posts I do are actually taken as genuine conversation with other NG users. No, that's impossible.

I think that it might be sheer boredom. What else would I do on the internet if I didn't go on NG.

Porn. The one word that solves every problem.

But more seriously, I think it comes down to me just being somewhat bored with the internet right now, which sounds impossible. Who could get bored of the internet?

Oh well. I'll just continue posting pointless blog posts and forum posts that not a single NG user cares about. Because you know that the most important thing on NG is being the first person in a thread to say "FIRST!"

God, I hate Newgrounds.


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2009-07-12 22:37:57


Manic-Man responds:

I hate your face.


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