2008-06-16 18:09:10 by Manic-Man

I gotta say, I'm stunned.

Today was my last official day of high school. Disturbing, eh? I'll be out with all you real people in the real world!

Can't say I'm not happy though, being done high school. It means better things to come and I can only go up from here, I guess.

Next mission: college.

It took four years, but God damn we did it!


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2008-06-23 16:05:46

Good luck with college. Something I'm dreading. I'm thinking about skipping out on college and just going to the military, but I don't know.

Manic-Man responds:

Thanks. I've actually thought about the military. Canada doesn't have a particularily strong military. I don't think I'd be allowed to join up though lol.