Back To NG

2009-03-07 09:10:41 by Manic-Man

So after a long time, I've decided to start cruising the NG forums again as well as begin voting on animations and whatnot.

I don't really remember why I stopped using NG (oh wait its something called the BBS) but I think it's high time I make my return.

I'm making it seem as if I'm a real popular person on NG. I'm not. But it just makes me feel awesome to hype up my return.

Like I said, I don't really know why I stopped using NG. I guess school work and spending time with my girlfriend just sort of took over. It was probably for the better.

But I'm back now! At least for a bit...


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2009-03-07 09:34:10

You left because the BBS is a piece of shit.

Manic-Man responds:

oh yea